Friday, June 12, 2009

Hunt Information

Okay, here is the new "information" card that is in the posters:


So you are interested in the newest hunt sponcered by AmberMyst Botanical Designs and you want to know what it's about and how to enter?  Then here is the information you need....

Q. What is special about this hunt?
A. This hunt is the first that AMBD will be doing where the final gift is ONLY accessable to those that have touched EVERY SINGLE gift before it.  People can still hunt and go around and skip the ones that they don't like, but the hud they will be wearing will NOT open that final gift unless all the other ones have been touched.

Q. Isn't this like that other one?
A. No. The other one made it so that you only had to know the location of the final gift, you didn't have to have touched all the other gifts.  So someone could blab the final location and everyone get that final gift.  I know, I accidentally missed 4 without realizing it and still got the final gift.

Q. Why does this hunt cost to join?
A. I've talked to many people and to keep the costs down for hunters, it was suggested to instead charge a small entrance fee for vendors.  This will go towards paying the scripter for his hard work and it will ensure that the shops that enter aren't going to think of this as just another hunt and drop out at the drop of a hat in the middle for no reason.  It makes sure that those that enter really want to be here.  And it isn't so much as to hurt even small businesses.

Q. Okay, so how much?
A. $200L per shop.

Q. Will you charge hunters?
A. That hasn't been decided yet.  If they are charged it would be like $10L, just enough to make sure that they really want to be in the hunt.  Not the $250L that was charged for the other hunt, because we still want to get some of the newbies with a little money in there as they will return in futuer. However, there are a LOT of hunts out there and they don't charge and plenty of newbies that have no money can get in on those.

Q. Do I still have to volenteer since I'm paying to be in it?
A. Well, since I'm charging to be in it, even though it's for the script, no.  You do not HAVE to volenteer.  But I'm asking you nicely to give at least one day in the month to help monitor the hunt chat and hand out any hints or anything.  Or help in some other way.  Because though in a way I'm getting "paid", I'm not. It's for the scripting.

Q. Okay, I still want to be in it. I'll pay the $200L.  When do I pay you and how do I apply?
A. You can pay me as soon as your store has been approved. Yes, I still need to see your store.  This is for the lesser known shops still.  We want you to get to be known.  As for the applying... fill out this form and I'll get back to you: see other post

Q. What about groups?
A. There is now a main group for the vendors. This group is going to be used for ALL the hunts.
 AmberMyst's Hunts... Vendor's Group
 Q. I have more questions not covered here.
 A. Contact Tiea Aeon with a note card. She'll get back to you as soon as possible.
 Happy Hunting!

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