Friday, June 12, 2009

Hunt Application

Copy and paste this into a note card in-world, fill it out and give it to me.


Please answer the following questions and hand this back to Tiea Aeon.

1.  Shop Name:

2.   Your Name:
      (if you have a partner who needs to be informed of things as well, put them here too)

3.   SLURL:

4.  Landmark:

5.   Full per store logo (for advertising purposes):

6.   Do you have a blog?                    
       a. If so, location:
7.   When are you normally on (SL time)?  (this is to set you up with a helper who is on at the same times as you) 

8.  You realize that the event has changed and there is an entrance fee of $200L should you be accepted?

9.  What kind of shop are you & how long have you had it?

10. For this you will need to enable scripts.  Are scripts enabled?

11.  This summer hunt does not have a "theme", other then Summer Fun.  You do not have to make a summer outfit.  Also, you do not have to make a male item, though it is always good if you do as you get more repeat customers from the men who bring their women in.... All that being said... Do you have an idea what you might be doing for it?

12. This is going to be a special hunt where the hunter who goes to EVERY location (the scripting makes sure of this) will get a final gift box.  (remember, this is a special box because they will have had to touch every single one, without missing one, to be able to unlock it. So we want to give them something maybe even more special then what they got on the hunt.)  Will you be able to contribute to this special item?  

13.  Do you agree to the below rules?


1. All gifts must be NEW and can not be set to sell until at least 2 months after the hunt.  This is to ensure that people go on the hunt now, while the summer is around.

2. The gift can not be more then 20 meters from the landing point.  There are a lot of sims out there that are HUGE and people have a hard time finding the item when it's clear on the other side.

3.  All gifts must take no more then 15 minutes to find.  Anything that is too hard and we get repeated complaints about will be asked to move it to an easier location.

4.  There will be a hint board for each shop.  To help with those that are not in the hunter's groups, please use this.  If you do not have the prims, then you need to let one of the helpers know.  All helpers can be found on the blog.  And if you move the item, you must notify of new hints.

5. The gift will not be a logo shirt or something that is normally a "cheap" dollaribe or "cheap" freebie.  This is because we want people to know that even though this hunt has lesser known shops, we can make quality items too.  Too many hunts are getting the rep of having bad freebies in them.  We do not want this hunt to be thought of like that.  We want this hunt to be known for the quality gifts.  I know that everyone has different tastes, but we all know what a cheap freebie looks like. ;) Lets keep them out of the mix!

More Information:

Web site is here:  It is updated often.  So always check here for news.

Hunt Organizers and Helpers:

Tiea Aeon - main organizer
margerita Oh - Helper
Bobcat Hammerthall - Helper
Liznwiz Wei - Helper
Ella Goldblatt - Helper
Pussycat Pike - Helper
DeAnn Dufaux (standby) - Helper
Yasmine Variscan - Helper
MincedMedia Clip - Helper
Rox Arten - Helper
Aster Orchicz - Helper
Jasmine Princess - Helper

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