Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yes, I'm going to do it again!

It is official. At least if things work out. I'll do it again.

Like the Spring Hunt, this one will be a full month. In fact, if things go as planned, I'll do one every 3 months, one for every season. So before was Spring, here is Summer, then look for Fall and then Winter. It will be a series of 4 for the year with each theme that of the season, not a holiday near it.

This one will be for the month of July. And as it is right now, it will have 100-150 shops, depending on certain factors.

Shops included will be ones that I've picked from applications or offered a chance at if they were in the Spring hunt and followed the rules well. There were a few that didn't follow the rules, didn't keep the eggs the same texture, didn't give a gift that said "This is what I'm about and what I can do." Those shops won't be asked back. Though that is not to say that if a shops is not in this one that was in the last one that they were 'bad'. I had a waiting list in the last hunt and before other shops are allowed in, they will be given first shot. Then new applications and current shops will be considered.

I am not deciding right now if a shop will be in the hunt, however you can leave application with me for consideration at a later date.

This hunt will be done a bit differently in that there WILL be more help. And I will be stricter on the rules. What do I mean by that? I mean if you blatantly do not follow the rules (such as those that re-textured their eggs when that was a 'rule' not to) you will be taken out of the list. You will follow the rules, or not be in it. I had plenty on the waiting list that wanted in that would have loved to have taken the spot of those that didn't feel the need to follow the rules.

Also, this is fair warning, for those of you that do not do hunts, or haven't done hunts, very often. Hunts send out a LOT of notices. These are to keep you informed on what is going on. If you can't handle it, then you don't need to be in a hunt. Do something else.

And keep an eye on the blog. It will keep you informed.

That's it for now. I may not put much here till after the Spring hunt is over, but thought it best to at least start the blog so that everyone knows it is going to go on.

Oh and so there isn't another problem, the hunt will be using a beach ball and an beach umbrella as the gift boxes. If you are going to plan a hunt for that time, please use something else. Thank you.

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